Delivering to amateurs in their own home, the latest cutting edge technology that made many international porn stars rich and famous!

  • Through our relationship with a third party technology provider, you can now broadcast live to unlimited viewers
  • You can have your own business in your own home without buying expensive software.
  • This revolutionary cutting edge technology allows you unrestricted web broadcasts with a potential to earn BIG MONEY.
  • Provide one to one, or one to many, webcam sessions without worrying about booking forms, instant messaging programs or keeping an eye on the clock!

What is DirectCam?

DirectCam is real-time webcam and chat. You can webcam for individuals or groups at the rates you set.

What do I need to DirectCam?

All you need is an internet connection, a webcam and an exhibitionist streak!

How does DirectCam work?

  1. To set your free, group and private options and rates as well as show category or do via Edit Profile, (see the DirectCam settings button).
  2. Download and install “JustCamIt”. This is the program that you will use to broadcast your webcam and chat with viewing members.
  3. Run JustCamIt and login.

You will now appear on the DirectCam page as available. JustCamIt will tell you when people start to view your webcam (in free mode) and will prompt you to accept when people wish to start a paid for session with you.

What’s the difference between free, private and group modes?

  • Free – is a shared preview area where you can broadcast your camera and chat with other members and entice them to go into one of the paid for modes.
  • Group – is a shared paid for area where you broadcast your camera and chat with one or more members.
  • Private – is a one-to-one private room with only yourself and the viewing member.

In Free mode, the picture quality will be less superior to Group and Private modes. In Group and Private modes the camera/picture quality should be far superior and is only limited by your hardware and Internet connection speed.  You should use the Audio menu within JustCamIt to decide if you want to broadcast audio as well as video in the private, group or private modes as and when you go in to them.

Why should I offer Free Mode in DirectCam?

  • Members are able to view your cam and chat to you direct for 3 minutes in Free Mode.
  • Members are far more likely to go into Private Mode or Group Mode once they can see that you are genuine and they will have an idea as to the quality of your Webcam.
  • Members who offer Free Mode will be awarded increased exposure on the Home Page.

If I am conducting a group or private session, can anyone else view me for free?

No, the free facility will be disabled while you are in a group or private session.

Anyone trying to join the free facility will be informed that you are currently conducting a group or private session. If you are in group mode that viewer will be invited to join in.

How will I receive my credits?

Your credits account will be credited at the end of the session based on the per minute rate you set for the mode used (group/private), the number of participating members and the duration of the session for each of them.

Are there any charges for me to pay?

There is a 5% facility fee that is deducted from your credits account at the end of the session(s).  This fee covers the cost of the third party technology supplier who provides the platform for the Membership to broadcast their webcam sessions.

This is a third party cost that is outside our control, although a cost that should be viewed as insignificant given the increased revenues that are achievable by broadcasting to many clients in group mode. It would be costly software for individuals to purchase and MSN/Yahoo are unable to provide this service at this point in time.  Note: The existing booking methods for use with MSN/Yahoo are still fully functional.

What are the benefits of DirectCam?

  1. Members don’t have to use complicated forms or messaging programs.
  2. You don’t have to accept/reject bookings in advance or worry about clients confirming.
  3. You don’t need to keep an eye on the clock whilst conducting the session.
  4. By offering this extra service you will receive more interest in your profile.
  5. Most importantly for you, DirectCam gives you the chance to multi-broadcast to an unlimited number of viewers.

For example:

By using pre-book webcam, you can 1-2-1 at around 2 credits per minute for say 10 mins = 20 credits, (which includes the hassle of booking and hand-holding the client through the confirmation process).

By using DirectCam, you can multi-broadcast to say, 10 viewers at 1 credit per minute each for 10 mins = 100 credits.

DirectCam is the quickest way to increase your business 5 times over!!

It’s no fuss, direct, anonymous, 1-2-1 or 1-2-Many cam & chat!

Now you can have webcam sessions for as long as you like, without having to book and without having to use your own instant messaging program!

How does the billing work?

Your credits account is debited automatically based on the duration of the session and the per minute rate set by the service provider for the type of session you have, (group or private).  You are billed per second, not per minute and billing only starts when the server is sure that you are pulling video from it, (sometimes there is a short delay before the picture shows, you are not charged at this point).

To dispel timewasters you must have sufficient credits to conduct a minimum of a 3 minute session.  Your account will be debited each minute thereafter.  If the session lasts less than what you have paid for you will be refunded the difference immediately.

Do I need special software?

No. The DirectCam application uses Windows Media and Flash based.  Both of these should be installed already and if not, will install the first time you launch the DirectCam application, (which may cause a delay for anything to appear at first).

Why should I use DirectCam?

  • No need to pre-book, await acceptance and then confirm.
  • No need to mess around installing software.
  • Only pay for your online time.
  • Have a free preview of the service provider on cam, before paying anything.

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