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What do you have to do

All you have to do after going online is to keep a visitor connected to your webcam as much as you can. There are no conditions at all, you are not forced to do anything against your will.

You do not have to undress if you do not want this. If you want, you can chat with the visitor about weather, football, sex, everything you want and can keep him connected.

There are certain things that you cannot do in front of your camera. This is anything that is not legal, or doesn’t comply with your country’s legislation. The webcammer can send his presentations from any location and from any country. The webcammer is compelled to observe the respective legal standards and values.

Models are not allowed to do the following

  • Offer pornography via the webcam site, such as sexual activities with minors or animals, or presentations praising violence ;
  • Urge visitors to prostitution ;
  • Cause bodily harm to him/herself in any way ;
  • Involve third parties against their will or without their knowledge in their presentations and/or to make them participate in a presentation which contravenes the aforementioned stipulations ;
  • Interrupt servers of networks relating to the webcam site ;
  • To pose as someone else, e.g. a Zipp Software representative or webcam platform manager, in any way or connection in whatsoever ;
  • To give presentations (under his or her own or another name) after the cooperation with Zipp Software has ended, unless Zipp Software has approved a renewed cooperation ;
  • And in general to perform any act contrary to any current legal provision.

PAID on 5th of every Month for the prior months work if you are registered with 3 or more sites on BKS.

PAID on 20th of every Month for the prior months work if you are registered with less then 3 sites on BKS.

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