MyFreeCams is a very accommodating website. The only rule is do not promote other sites, otherwise they let you sell and work as you wish. Free chat is more like a Strip Club environment where the girls work for tips and can be as creative as they wish in programing games and events. There One to Many Group Chat starts when 3 members sign on to the Group Session and each pays $0.50 per minute!

Great Traffic if your not shy! Models can make up to $1000 a day!

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Degree Of Difficulty

  • Easy

Free Chat Offered

  • Yes

Private Only Chat

  • No

Price Range to Members

  • $1.50 – $4.99

Pay Content

  • Yes

Phone / SMS Allowed

  • Yes


  • Yes

Men Allowed

  • No

How much money do models make?

This obviously depends on how many hours you work and how successful you are on the site

The top models make over $20,000 per month, and many models make over $5,000 per month. It all depends on the individual model and every model is different.

Models will always make much more money at than at any other website.

Please keep reading this page for specific and detailed payment information.

Tokens and payouts

Customers purchase Tokens and then spend these tokens on models through Private shows, Group shows, Voyeur Shows, TruePrivate shows, and Tips.

For all tokens earned by the model, the model is paid USD$0.05 per token (“Five Cents”) by

For example, if a model earns 2000 tokens during a pay period, the model will be paid $100.00 immediately after the end of the payment period.

The following table explains the cost of each type of session or “show”…

Session type Rate/second Rate/minute Model earnings
Private show 1 token per second 60 tokens per minute $3.00 per minute
Voyeur/Spy show 0.333 tokens per second 20 tokens per minute $1.00 per minute (per user)
Group show 0.166 token per second 10 tokens per minute $0.50 per minute (per user)
TruePrivate show 1.33 tokens per second 80 tokens per minute $4.00 per minute
Tips n/a n/a $0.05 per token

For example, a model in a private show, with two more people spying, would be earning 60+20+20=100 tokens per minute ($5.00 per minute) plus any tips.

Or a model in a group show with 10 members would also be earning 100 tokens per minute, plus any tips.

There are lots of ways to earn tokens, and models can easily earn thousands of tokens every day.

Miss MyFreeCams

In addition to regular payouts, the top 20 highest-earning models each month will earn a bonus as part of our Miss MyFreeCams contest, with the top prize being $500 and all prizes totaling $3150.

Models receive this bonus as a tip from the username MissMyFreeCams on the last day of the month.

Payout percentage

On average, about 61.4% of all (gross) money spent on is sent to models. Detailed explanation follows.

Customers purchase tokens in pre-defined packages. Larger packages cost less per token. But models are always paid the same amount ($0.05) per token, so the calculating the percentage paid to the model would depend on the package purchased by the member.

Token package Price Cost per token Model payout Percentage
200 $19.99 $0.1000 $0.0500 50.00%
550 $49.99 $0.0909 $0.0500 55.01%
900 $74.99 $0.0833 $0.0500 60.01%
1875 $149.99 $0.0800 $0.0500 62.50%
3775 $299.99 $0.0795 $0.0500 62.92%
7575 $599.99 $0.0792 $0.0500 63.13%

Most of the money spent on comes from regular users that purchase the larger packages so the average always comes to over 60%.

In addition, members receive many free tokens as part of the Bring-a-Friend program and in the course of our normal customer service. Considering these free tokens, bonuses, and Miss MyFreeCams prizes, the payout to models gets closer to approximately 64%. pays all transaction costs, accepts credit cards, debit cards, checks, wire transfers, telephone payments, and many other forms of payments from everywhere around the world. If these costs are included in the calculation, the percentage paid to models climbs to about 75%. also handle most refunds and chargebacks without taking any money back from models. So even if the payment from the customer cannot be collected, models are generally not even notified, and still paid in full. If these losses are included in the calculation, the fraction of actual money collected that is paid to the models reaches nearly 80%.

In summary, pays out MUCH MORE to models than any other website. It’s not even close.

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